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Thread: Imesh 4.5

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    New version of Imesh ( 4.5).



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  3. File Sharing   -   #2
    wow ... never knew this software was still being used ..
    wouldn't know if theres a clean version going round would ya shared?

  4. File Sharing   -   #3
    Is still used, check their forums .A lot of people are still using it.Btw you can hit my sig and get Imesh Lite ( older version) but is working fine and is clean, the Dr.Damn version.

  5. File Sharing   -   #4
    Got that before .. but after installing .. and trying to run .. I get a "blah blah must close now" error .. dont worry .. i'll have to live without it then.

  6. File Sharing   -   #5
    Don't bother, Imesh is on Fasttrack too, you gonna find the same content.

  7. File Sharing   -   #6
    oh ok .. and fast tracks is the same network kazaa uses?
    All these terms are starting to confuse me, lol.


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