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Thread: C&c Generals Online

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    Anybody care to share a s/n that will work for online play for C&C Generals? Mine only works for single player....

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    Oct 2002
    i hate to say it ... but ...

    in your dreams brother

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    should'nt play rips online ... dodgy , thats wot sum1 told me anyway

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    I dont know anything about not playing rips online or whatever, but, if u need a serial look for a website called "Crackbar" or "Serials 2000" S2k. This might help. There are many ways of obtaining seria numbers I just dont know if they work for inline play. Try this to see if it might work.

    P.S, By the way, iits working good, the game CC Generals i mean. Do=id u get it from the verifieds in this Kazaa lite?



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    go to www.subserials.comor something


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