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Thread: Can't Seem To Download Music

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    [FONT=Geneva][SIZE=1]I'm having some difficulties with downloading. I have Kazaa Lite 2.4.3 and I'm noticing that when it finds video files it connects to the users and then it downloads them, but for audio files (i.e. mps, wma, etc.) it seems to find users then try to connect and then nothing happens. I notice that other users are downloading video and music files from me, but I'm not getting anything from others.

    Can anyone figure out what is the deal?

    Other facts: I'm using a cable modem so speed isn't an issue. My participation level is K-Lite Master. I don't have my firewall activated while attempting this.

    Any and all help is greatly appreciated.


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    If you can download avi's etc then there are no connection issues so it will simply be a case of lack of sources. Keep trying, jump supernodes, maybe look at updating your version (something like KLR). Other option is to try another application for music like Soulseek or WinMX (or Blubster)

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    Are you behind a router?

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    either you are behind a router or your file has no sources boss


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