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Thread: Van Halen

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    ...with Sammy!! I saw VH once but it was with Gary Cerone (from Extreme) and it sucked. I hope I can score some tickets.

    Van Halen Tour 2004

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    it's really not worth it, unless you get something else out of it, ie of the female persuasion? back in the day i saw them and many others. it may just be me but i was actually wanting to go home. i do however like s.h. real well. he is a stand up kind of player and i respect that. the brothers lost my admiration when the quit drugs and became high brow.

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    they need to get somebody on the mic with the same kind of charisma that Diamond Dave had. like maybe Carrot Top or Ronald McDonald.

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    have not thought about them in yeeeears

    still alive?

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    Originally posted by cake@29 March 2004 - 06:09
    the brothers lost my admiration when the quit drugs and became high brow.
    ...and you're the one judging ppl 'cause they're not into the MUSIC?!

    Either the music is good or not, it's not about how much drugs the ppl playing are taking...

    However I've never been much into Sammy over Diamond-Dave, on the other hand I like him a helluva lot better than G.C.


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