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Thread: Suprnova

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    im getting fucking sick of suprnova these days. games keep on dissapearing off from there torrent lists and everything. its fuckin bullshit. sry im in a bad mood but this is bull.

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    If you really want to download fakes/viruses, be their guest...

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    ive never gotten a fake off from suprnova or a virus. im just sick of them putting a game up for a couple hours then removing it right afterwards. can anybody receomnd a "better" place to get torrents for games off from. specifiacly the cd version of far cry?
    Gaint Antispyware is the #1 greatest Spyware/Adware cleaner ever created, I recomend it to everybody, even if you don't think you need it.

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    What's happening is Bit is getting more popular and more files are being posted on supernova so everyone is rushing to get the next one and not seeding. Also there are alot of double posts of the exact same file from different people and groups, so the seeding is spread out. For example they'll post "ROTK DVD rip" then the next day they'll post "ROTK divx DVD rip" same file but renamed on a new tracker. I wish they'd cap it off once each format is represented. It make the seeding last longer.

    Private BT forums are going to be the way to go in the future. It's only a matter of time before SN get's shut down anyway.

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    yeah thoses are good. exept torrenbits are putting new rules

    but Dead Cartoon Fish is right. bt is becoming more popular now that n00bs are learning about it and dont know how to use it propertly. and time after time supr has told them how to put the torrents but they dont listen. i say to make it better they should have a system like tb were only certain ppl can seed

    anothier problem is that some dumbasses are ussing it to advertice. i remeber taht i was curious and saw that there was a file that supposedly had retail keys to ut2k4 and cs but it said to go to some site and register and vote. i forgot what language it was and it was just some vote for a stupid essay by some idiot kid

    but yeh the best way to dl file from bt is from private places not somethig open like supr

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    save the turrent to ur pc thats what i do
    right click the link then save


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