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Thread: For People Who Play Cs

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    Does anyone fancy making a k-lite clan in counterstrike?

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    Lord of the KLF
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    Dec 2002
    Hampshire, England
    There already is a newly formed one the KLT clan - Kazaa Lite Team

    come into the irc for info on it and check out the site needs updating with the new members still

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    Oct 2002
    MI, USA
    You should scrim with us... Clan |wBw|

    We only have OGL, RCL, and CAL experience, should be a good test for ya guys, *chuckle*

    Good luck to you guys. If you ever need a 5th guys, a extra, or wanna scrim, stop in to #clanwbw on gamesnet, and let me know. I am slapnuts, on CS.


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