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Thread: Okay, I'm Making My First Web Site

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    anyone here have xanga? anyways, i got bored with my spring break, decided to start doing a webpage for the first time, and found that i don't really know jack about inserting this and that and formatting and customizing....i look at other people's websites, and they have all this flashy stuff....and i'm like,, how do they do that? they got liek icons poping down talking in the xp voice, the pages open up and fold when you click on them.....and all this fading.

    q1)my question is, what do you basically use to edit and do stuff to the website? how do you save the changes so that the hosting place recognizes it?

    i've found a lot of examples of things to do from angelfire, they gave out several codes, but i don't know how or where to paste them...

    so yeah....if you want to see my shitty looking website, go to you can see, i have work to do with me out if you can........i just need to start where or how to start doign stuff to it....

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    Generally you edit a page on your computer and then upload the page to your server space.

    To edit / create pages you can use a WSIWYG program (Frontpage, Dreamweaver) or something like notepad or similar hybrid (in which your main input is raw html).

    Once your get your basic layout you can add fancy stuff like flash menus and the like. You don't really need to know how to write or create these (although it woudn't be a bad thing to learn) just go to a site like and use the ready made stuff.

  4. Internet, Programming and Graphics   -   #3 you suggest using those programs to edit? are they pretty easy to find? i have till sunday to work on this.......

    hm...i wanna learn html, but from the online docs, it seems complicated and i can't memorize all that just doesn't make any sense to me....

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    Go with FrontPage, even though it's utter shit.

    But the best option is to learn HTML, it's overwhelming at first, but you can have basic knowledge of the language in an hour.

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    go learn html in notpad , its the only way to get a good grounding, any fool can use a gui and drop and drag , but watch them flounder when it dont work right

    get yourself a book on basic html codes and start from there

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    HTML isn&#39;t that bad. The basics are pretty easy. I struggle with tables a bit - <td> and <tr> commands. If your on a short time scale then just stick with Front Page (which is part of the office suite). Its similar in layout to other office applications and it shouldn&#39;t be too hard to knock up a simple page.

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    oh okay, so i guess i&#39;ll learn manually and learn on some online tutorials or you guys suggest any?

    also, the thing that i hated about hearing about html is that you write out all that coding with hundreds of lines, and if you missed a bracket or slash or something, there&#39;s no way of having an option to detect your syntax error.....or is there?

    hm...once you enter in all the ocding in notepad and save it, how do you use that to replace or place it as the site name for wherever place you registered your site to host?

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    Had a look at the website, and it aint that bad&#33;&#33;&#33; The image is great and seems to be optimized because it loads up pretty quick (which is a good thing)..the text needs sorting out conflicts too much with said image, you aint sure where the picture ends and the text starts if u understand what I mean...
    Try setting the image of to the right side of the page, then you have all that other space for your text to occupy..

    Like people have said try and learn at least a little helps in the long run..and i would also go with Dreamweaver..It can look daunting at first, but it is one program thats easy to get the hang of after a few me.
    I started off with Dreamweaver 2...scanned over the manual, and pretty much self taught myself onto MX2004 now and aint doing too bad at all...Give it a go and good luck m8&#33;&#33;&#33;
    I got Booted from Xbox Scene Forum...Proud??...You Betcha&#33;&#33;

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    alright thanks for the tip, yeah, i reloaded my images cuz they gave me a trial with extra tools, so i was able to upload the image directly from my computer so it came out clean and original size as compared to uploading from another site, i dont&#39; know why though.but yeah, um.the backgroun image, i have no control of the size so even when i simply shift it to the right, it cuts into like half of my text box, and right now, i dont&#39; know how to move things around..

    hm..i&#39;ll try to find and d/l dreamweaver, i&#39;m sure it&#39;s somewhere on kazaa, i just need to find the right filesize , but hope it has a manual or online tutorial for it, i hear you can do a lot of fancy stuff.

    i wanna learn how to air spray well....that stuff can look nice for background images......

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    oh yeah.uh....can you guys suggest any good sites that have online forums or tutorials for html and javascript?

    i really need to figure out how to do that thing where people who look at your website can&#39;t use the right mouse click key.....that comes in very handy, i&#39;ve seen sites where they disable entering in keyboard typed letters as well......good for security and rip off reasons, (even though they can view the source)

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