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Thread: Sound Cards

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    whats a the best sound card company?









    outta those...

    i only heard of hercules and creative labs/....

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    Get a soundblaster from Creative Labs.

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    creative, guillemot, and turtle beach are good. just make sure that you're getting a recent model, and not something leftover from 2000/2001. the built-in sound chips on recent motherboards (nforce2, for example) have also been getting better, and may be a decent alternative to a card.

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    3,799 depends on how much you want to pay it, what you want to get out of it and what other hardware you got.
    I got a lil' studio thingie happening, using MOTU soundcard (Mark Of The Unicorn), it is actually so old that when i moved to WinXP i could not get proper drivers for it, and THAT sucks. Im thinking of moving back to 98 cause of reliability, got whacked up midi setup.
    Anyway, there is a lot of different cards on the market, from SoundBlasters to more real studio cards like from Digitech/ProTools wich requires an uber-machine, most likely a mac or something.
    But if i was to do "more simple kinda techno music", working with midi-files only, with not-so-high-end PC, soundblaster or that kinda card with FruityLoops program would probably do the work. When you start actually recording audiofiles latency comes into picture, you might need more powerfull card, and maybe uber-mac, and definately huuuge pile of money.....
    And what company is the best out of those you listed? Thats a question indeed.

    ... i know im not helping much here, put i just HAD to add my spoon to the soup. Lets mix it some more.
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    My choices in order - Creative Labs, Guillemot/Hercules, Turtle Beach/Voyetra
    "8-ball Corner Pocket"

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    Creative Labs have been the industry standard for a long time.

    The SoundBlaster Audigy kicks ass for speed and quality, but it's very expensive.
    The SoundBlaster Live! 1024 'Value' is very good value for money at only 30ish, with Surround capability and EAX acceleration.

    I'd definitely go with a SoundBlaster.

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    umm creative labs it is how bout speakers? is logitech good?

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    Yes Logitech is amazing...hmm get the Logitech 400watt system...cant remember what its called something like z-640 maybe... the 400watt system is amazing for games, my friend has it and when we played Battlefield online it sounded sooo real!!! I suggest get the Logitech 400watts but im not sure what there called

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    heheh... okay... ummm my speaker of choice is... cheap and decent... 36 dollars...

    Logitech Z-340 3 Piece Speaker System
    Innovative subwoofer delivers twice the bass energy of similar subwoofers
    Stylish satellites stand on desk or mount on wall
    Convenient headphone jack and volume control
    Dual chamber subwoofer plays louder and goes lower for unbelievable bass
    Satellite speakers provide smooth mid and high frequencies
    Internal power supply eliminates bulky wall adapters
    Total power output: 33 watts RMS
    Satellite speaker power output: 6.5 watts RMS per channel
    Subwoofer power output: 20 watts RMS
    System frequency response: 35 Hz-20 kHz

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