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Thread: Help!

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    hi i recently sweeped my computer of spyware and there were pop ups installing stuff i didnt want and i couldnt close it so i hit ctrl_alt_delete and decided to delete a computer process mistaking it for spyware. and it said are u sure u want to delete this, other programs may not run functionally if u do this. so i clicked OK and then tryed to go on the net and the browser always cannot find server. so the process i deleted was tied to using the internet browser. ive reinstalled the browser and i still cant surf the web. my next option is downloading netscape. is there any help for me please???!! thanks please help!

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    see if you have the file in your recycle bin, if so just restore it

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    i did that too and it wasnt there to restore. i tried a feature that xp has that u can go back in time and make ur computer run like it did like 2 weeks ago or however far back u need to recover stuff. that didnt work either

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    I had this problem on a computer I fixed. I could not figure out what was making it not connect to the internet. All networking was working fine, just would not browse the internet, not even on netscape or myie2, so I just formated and reinstalled. Works now!


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