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Thread: Gamecube Help~!

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    i have two questions! I am taking a gamecube on an airplane, carry on, of course. I need to know if it will get affected by the xray. Also, id like to know if anyone knows of any awesome gamecube games for $25 or lower. thanks a lot.

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    mario kart double dash is amazing! but i just don't like gamecube that much

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    is there anyone who can answer both my questions?

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    #1-I dunno....if it breaks, make them buy you new one.

    #2-Metroid Prime, Resident Evil Zero, Super Smash Brothers, Mario Sunshine, and many more titles that have been out for over two years are only 20 bucks.

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    well, i would like to know the effects of an xray on all my electronics, my camera, ipod, portable dvd player. and gamecube

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    also, id like to know about my digital pictures memory card. one time, i went through the aiprot and uploaded all my pics to comp, most of which were blurry.

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    Ive brought my ps2 and my xbox as carry on before and it wasnt effected. I doubt that they effected your pics too.
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