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Thread: Can't Start K-lite 2.6

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    i can't start k-lite 2.6 after nsane installation: i recieve the following errormessage

    Kazaa had detected that some of the requirered components are missing, perhaps due to not rebooting after installation. We suggest rebooting, and if you still get this message, please reinstall Kazaa
    Kazaa will now close ..

    but the strange thing is, that i can see the k-lite pictogram in my taskbar. . .
    what can i do to solve this problem and that klite 2.6 will work on my computer?

    Kazaa.exe From KMD 2.6.0 Is Needed From Elsewhere For The Program To Work
    where can i find some kind of installationguide?!?!?!

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    We suggest rebooting, and if you still get this message, please reinstall Kazaa
    I think you have the answer right there. Reinstall and you should be good to go.


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    I think
    but you're not sure:
    i tried to reinstall but it didn't help, rebooting didn't help either

    i tried a different method also:

    i installed the official k-lite rc20b, and chose the option to instal KMD2.6 without spyware . . .
    after done so: rebooting

    but the problem still not solved:

    who can explain me how i can run k-lite 2.6 ?

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    Try these steps (all files can be downloaded from here

    1) Download kmd260_en.exe and place it on your desktop
    2) Start klite26rc20b.exe and tick the box "install KMD without ad/spyware

    After that the installation should work

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    i tried your method, but it doesn't work:

    i keep on getting the message that some components are missing, that i have to reboot and that i have to reinstall . . . ? so what's next step i can take?

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    You have media player 6.4+ and IE4+ installed?

    You 100% you followed those steps? did the KMD installer start/ finish?

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    i have winxp pro, ie6, wmp 9, everthing up 2 date . . .

    in my taskbar i can see the k-lite logo, when i look at running processes i see khancer running.

    I let the installer finishing all the steps for me, it's is some kind of macro isn't it?!

    after that, i rebooted my pc!

    i'm looking for a k-lite cleaner, that clears al the k-lite reg.entries, is that an option?


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