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Thread: Avi File Stuttering-please Help!

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    Full DV-Quality AVI captures from my video camera are stuttering very bad. They did not used to do this and the captures were fine before. The video on the camera is fine. I had the Mega Codec pack 1.01 installed and thinking that was the problem I uninstalled it and I still get the stuttering with those files. I have tried recapturing with other software, Pinnacle Studio 8, Windows Movie Maker, and Roxio 7 Capture and they all turn out the same with the stuttering.

    I am pretty certain it is a codec gone wrong of some sort because I can play some other avi files (non-captured) just fine. Also the captured files that stutter on my PC, when transferred to another PC on my network those same files play just fine.

    Anyone have any ideas or can steer me in what to look for would greatly be appreciated. I've tried searching for info, but have come up empty. I need to do my editing on this PC so I need to fix it and could use some help before I resort to formatting my hard drive. Wouldn't be the end of the world, but if I could avoid it that would make me happy.

    :helpsmile: Thanks everyone.

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    um , why are you capturing tocompressed avi avi man

    i only ever capture to raw with no compression at all, do my editing and then compress once its ready

    anyway back to your real prob, it does sound like a codec issue on that machine

    have you any other codec packs installed apart from the mega one, ( this includes divx )

    perhaps check what codecs are available to play the file with gspot and see which codec is screwing up

    codecs are a pain in the arse when they bug out , and most times i find its easier just to format

    btw, i suggest you only use the software that came with your cam to capture, as software like Pinnacle Studio 8 ect , have a bad habbit of putting there own codec on when they capture and it can cause problems

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    I didn't say anything about compressed AVIs, I am capturing (Mini-)DV quality files - files at full quality. Any capture program will capture full DV-quality files as AVIs.

    BTW most camcorders do not come with any software. Either way I was accustomed to using Pinnacle Studio and I have captured, edited and made many movies with it before with no issues. I had captured some files quite a while ago and it took me while to find the time to do the editing. Now that I go back in to do some editing I find that the files are screwed up and stuttering like crazy. I tried to recapture the video again - or any video - and I get the same result. I also get this result trying to capture with any other video editing suite. Since those previous files are stuttering on my machine and the same files do not stutter on another PC I assumed it was a codec or some conflict of some sort.

    I have had the KL-codec pack before and uninstalled to install the Mega-pack 1.0. The when the Mega pack 1.01 came out I uninstalled the 1.0 to install the new one. I have the latest Mega 1.01 pack currently uninstalled thinking this would help possibly. Something is screwy here.

    Any other ideas? Thanks for the reply.

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    well uncompressed raw files do not use codec's in any way, but from memory they do use the ffdshow filter to play

    so try installing the original sound forge ffdshow filter

    or try playing it with videolan, and see if it still stutters

    p.s i have owned 5 digital camera and all of them have come with capture software ( sony and panasonic ) but if yours didnt then to bad

    are you capturing via firewire or usb

    if its a firewire card , what type is it

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    Transfer via Firewire and Belkin Firewire card. I'll try the ffdshow thing, not too familiar with it though. Thanks for the replies.

    Yeah I guess too bad for me then.

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    um just a thought , did your firewire card come with an install cd or disk

    those Belkin Firewire cards, from memory had there own little codec they use when capturing

    im not 100% its just something i remember from a school lecture i had about a year ago lol, asif i would remember

    if it came with an instalation cd or disk , reinstall that first

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    Hmmm, it might have, but it was so long ago I don't exactly remember. I don't ever remember needing to install anything and I believe the Windows Hardware wizard automatically installed it and set it up. I have never had any trouble with it. I guess that would be worth checking out.

    edit - although I know it is still listed currently in my hardware list on my PC as the same item as it always was.

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    wha codec is it ,

    try a few other players ,not wmp mate that has shakin' probs

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    Update - ffdshow did nothing for me.

    I don't know anything about VideoLAN, but I took the suggestion and downloaded it. When I first load the file and play I only get a grey screen, but it seems like it is going through the file. If I cancel it and the press play again, the part of the file that I waited through plays just fine, so it must be doing some type of pre/post-processing or something the first time through. Either way, after it finishes what it is doing the AVI files play fine, but only through the VideoLAN player. They still stutter uncontrollably through other players however.

    Any thoughts? Thanks.


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