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Thread: Deleting History?

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    hi there peps, im a new comer to kazaa lite an i gotta say its really good!
    can anyone help me out here though, i dunno how to delete the history on searched items, you know the way it brings up the things you've looked for...
    anyways i would really appreciate some help here.
    please replie to this or

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    If you use the drop down on the search field it brings up option to clear history.

    Edit: and next time you should place your Kazaa question in the Kazaa forum not General.

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    also on the options box there is a tick-box to purge history on exit, to save you doing it manually.

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    ya waht they said :-"

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    Thanks people, your info was good

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    You should remove your email address or at least change it to email[at]domain[dot]com.


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