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Thread: Router Question Need Help!

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    My friend has two computers hooked up trhough a wireless router. Uses a cable Modem. They are about 45 feet away from eacotgher. Every now and then the connection doesnt work and it goes low. He has the same as me and I do not have this problem so it cant be comcast or anything. Could somethinjg be blocking the connection or what?

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    are you sure your router is configured right? cause thats the problem about 90% of the time..........
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    might be a lot of interference in his house...thats about all i can say, that and maybe he has cheap wireless cards, or one might be faulty

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    Check if 802.11 validation is turned on. If it is on (default) try turning it off. I had exactly the same issue earlier this week, and turning that off solved the problem.
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