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Thread: Internet Explorer Spam Problem

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    Has anyone heard of a company called ad pepper media?

    every time i open up IE i get some spam operated by this site. link to company -

    I dont know how i managed to install it, or which software it came with. I've scanned my system with adaware and have my firewall settings at maximum, but still get this crap each time i start IE.

    There are no active X controls or browser plugins it operates from, thats way i'm puzzled.

    Any ideas?

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    The HOSTS file is your friend.

    Just enter the url.
    I know it at least has this entry.
    I'm currently working on a more comprehensive version, but it'll block that kind of crap, and lots of it.

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    Maybe try Hijackthis?
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    Its the e-mail spam thats driving me nut&#39;s . I&#39;m using Mozilla, pop ups don&#39;t seem as bad when browsing really.

    Edit My wife likes IE so we have both installed.

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