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Thread: What's Best?

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    Realplayer, Windows Media Player, and Winamp. I have all three and I think RP and WMP are necessities, but not the third. Am I correct? All I'm looking for is something to play my videos that I dl off Kazaalite on and I'm starting to get into internet radio/tv. Is Winamp considered REALLY good, or can I delete it? Thanks.

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    Get rid of Realplayer. It's a very poor player. Get Real Alternative instead. Winamp is a good player for online content, BS Player is a good player for local content (i.e. films you have on your PC)
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    Here's what you REALLY need:

    WinAMP (for mp3's and streaming tv....cough porn )

    That's it. Don't use RP.... SUCKS...

    WMP is a keeper but just for trying videos that didn't open in any of the three above (1% of the times).

    Oh and get klite codec pack

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    The Mega Codec Pack is all you need to play pretty much anything very well.

    It has Real alternative ingtegrated.

    Real Player is the worst player ever.
    Winamp5 is excellent for music.
    Windows Media Player... sucks. Keep it as a backup player, but I got rid of it.
    VideoLan is excellent as well.
    BSPlayer is works very well for movies, but ViPlay is almost identicle and is more stable.

    But all you really need is the Mega Codec Pack and Winamp5
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    SLD Codeck Pack too, it contains all the "orphan codecs."

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    Real alternative can&#39;t even play password protected streams last I checked.

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    I&#39;d suggest you try Jet Audio, It does Real (everything) and when you add a codec package like Ultimate (it&#39;s frickin&#39; HUGE&#33 you will be able to open any file known to man or beast with just Windows Media and Jet. All that other stuff is just resource hogs full of spy-ware. OBTW be sure to get the No DRM version of Windows Media player 9. It&#39;s here if you can&#39;t find it elsewhere:


    Run a spyware cleaner after you install it but I don&#39;t think you&#39;ll find much just the usual crap that comes with windows. Curious as to what that is? Read this:


    You should uninstall your WMP first and then you&#39;ll have to install this one TWICE for it to "take".

    Good luck.


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