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Thread: Norton Security & Msconfig

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    Norton Security & MsConfig

    Too owners of Windows XP using Norton Home Security. Do not Use msconfig too tweak your start up
    if Norton Internet Security is installed and running. Use the option in Norton Security too dissable it at start-up.
    If you use msconfig too tweak your start-up while this product is installed it throws Norton
    into *Security Advisor Mode* which defaults itself too full security. Once in this mode,
    Norton will not let you adjust the firewall,check for virus up-dates and check any web site
    using active X. It also will not let you check your e-mail or uninstall\reinstall the product.
    Even the tool Microsoft offers will send this product into a tail spin.
    If you must tweak your start-up (i realize that xp is a very slow starter) do it before using this product.
    -=By [DRN]Piroman=-

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    Thanks for the tip i have Norton and XP

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    well, now that you mention it, what is everyones average start-up with XP?

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    nothing much really.. just the basic's
    ice ice baby


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