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Thread: Help! No Video...

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    After recieving a .avi screener I tried to watch the film, but did not have video or audio...just the DIVX logo..then faded away. What gives? I am using the DIVX codec... Any Answers?

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    that means that it is fake ,its not a problem about codecs those black screen with divx logo files they are many of them in kazaa.i my self found many of these fakes black screen with divx logo on them it will not be the last time that you will see them.

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    um b4 you delete it, get a program called gspot and it will tell you if you have the required codec's to play it

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    you'll get in one of the codec packs, HERE, also i'ts a good idea to preview your movies before you spend three days downloadin a pile of crap. you can preview in theatre or avi preview.


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