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Thread: Swapgate 2.0.3 Released!

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    Well the SwapGate Website is gone and i havnt spoken to marc in ages? but ive finished 2.0.3 wich is a new stable(i hope) version of SwapGate a Open/Slava Nap Client thats supports multisource downloads and multiroom chat. basicly a multiserver, multisource napster(old/free napster).

    See It :

    Get It :, Tim-

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    Well, if it is as good as swapgate 1.6, i will get it now...

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    I'm getting it now (do you remember I was one of your original beta testers in the swapgate forum?)
    I think it's good that you have managed to achieve multi-source downloading.

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    lol, and there was us thinking that it was a dead donkey - i wonder why the sit eisnt working? seems a waste of a domain name to me
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    Oh terrific... another SwapGate update that&#39;ll need documentation.
    An&#39; heres me on my holidays... how convenient.


    Cya in Ballad, Tim.

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    Please do not respond with bugs and whatnot via FST PM. as it wont let me access them because "I do not have enough posts", so please respond in here or to my email until i get a Forum setup. thank you,


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    LOL ok after that last post i now can access the PM system i guess its a minimum of 5. so forget that last post..


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    as far as the

    Run time error &#39;429&#39;
    ActiveX component can&#39;t create object.

    Im looking into it. try manually registering the ocx/dll&#39;s in the C:&#092;Program Files&#092;SwapGate foler ... start/run regsvr32 "C:&#092;Program Files&#092;SwapGate&#092;File.ocx"

    Replace file with the needed file name.. i suggest doing the MSWSCK File first and then trying swapgate first. please tell me if this solves the probloem


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    Cool, thanks Tim&#33; Downloading this now

    Edit: Tim i tried registering ALL .OCX&#39;s manually, no luck

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    Same here.. still getting the 429 error.

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