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Thread: Internet Router Help!

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    My friend's issue..

    My friend has 2 computers, both abut 40 feet away. His moms computer has the cable modem, NIC card and router near it or in it. His computer has the Wireless Netgear Adapter. His moms computer DOES have a old nic card(RealTek PCI fast internet) from like 4 years ago. He hasnt go any new drivers for it. Most of the time his computer has a LOW signal. He can barely talk on AIM. His moms computer works fine with the internet. I am thinking its either something blocking the signal, or the NIC card is old. Can anyone help me?

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    its probably either cause its old or becuase they are being interupted in some way. make sure theres nothing in the house that could be interfeering, and try again. if that doesnt help then its probaby the nic card.


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