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Thread: I Need A Good Banner Blocker

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    hi really annoyed of banners, can u guys tell me wats a good banner remover or blocker

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    I use Adsgone, it takes care of popups and banners and some spyware too.

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    Try a host file m8,or sometimes your firewall has one.Or tweak xp

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    Supertrick XG

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    What is your OS

    Try Ad Muncher. Takes care of everything.

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    One of MANY features:

    Popup Blocking

    Popup advertising is one of the biggest web annoyances. Firefox shields you from unwanted popup windows. It also lets you allow certain sites to open popup windows if necessary.

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    Originally posted by hey_suburbia@19 April 2004 - 17:37

    Along with Adblock, it&#39;s the best option (in mine and many other people&#39;s opinion).
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