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Thread: Mp3 Shield

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    donno if anyones heard of this but u know how the fucking rcia messes up the songs??? this program fixes it. its awsome

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    No, the MP3 shield automatically scan MP3 files that are being downloaded , it doesn't fix the corrupt file.

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    Knowledge And Wisdom Are Gained By Listening And Observing And Knowing When To Keep Your Fucking Mouth Shut!!!!

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    all sounds good to me, but i never get that problem with songs EVER
    Those who dont learn from the past are doomed to repeat It.

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    Glad you posted that mullyman, hadnt read err0rsm1ths interview, nice 1 and SH for posting the interview,

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    MP3 Shield is the shit, It's the best thing to come out!!!!!!!!!!!!! It really fixes the RIAA's bullshit of those awful screaching noises........... download one of those bogus tunes and it warns you to delete it before it is completely downloaded to your machine............. I love it. I take my hat off to the guy that designed this one............ Smooth............ Take that RIAA B)

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    wow your a happy chappy hitman, the guys name is err0rsm1th, you can always visit him at and bung a donation, I'm sure he'd be as pleased as you, and yeah, damn neat machine

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    Yeah Mp3 Shield does it's job but it would be nice if such a program would not be needed. Although you could always use Soulseek, for single popular songs fasttrack can be much faster.


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