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Thread: Why Don't You Use Macintosh?

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    Im on Windows
    but man -Mac looks great
    The hardware, interface everything, setup
    All Grfx Designers,Video and Audio editors seem to be using it.

    Why Don't You Use Macintosh?
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    Really i don't know , i know only one thing that Macintosh kick WINDOWS ass.

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    from what I understand they are very expensive and only 5% of computers are Macs

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    Jan 2003
    they are very expensive and suck for games.

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    I couldn't afford one unless I sold my liver. No-one seems to sells Mac games except the Apple website. Rayman 3 for $34.99 when the Win version is $7.99 ? Tough choice...

    The interface ? ObjectDock - check. MacOS theme - check. Mac cursors - check.

    And I'm not a graphic designer, so pooh.

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    i use a mac g4 for my 3d rendering and other assioated work, it also renders avi to dvd in about half the time of any pc

    for that and that alone it kicks any imb clone

    but for normal use , imb clone is better

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    I'd seriously love a G5... but yeah, the price kills it for me.

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    They lack expansion potential - to a significant extent.

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    I find the interface is ulgy and I can't really do anything on them. There full of pieportraly bullshit.

    I prefer windows and linux over Mac. There hackable or opensource

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    Too much $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$....

    And everyone I worked with is so bloated to the brim with eye-candy, it's sooooo sloooooow. Infact, every mac I've worked with is slow.
    I do have to admit that it's defaults is much safer than windows, and way easier. I mean, come on, you can drag a program folder to the trash and uninstall the app.

    Macs are also incompatible with apps I love and games, if they even come out, come out slower. Not to mention that since everything is so self-contained, every app is BLOATED. That's all I can think of off hand.

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