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    What is ShowOff! Digital Media Software?

    A program that creates a secure user-friendly website for pictures and movies you choose to share.

    Uses your own computer to host the website.

    There is no web programming involved!

    Why is ShowOff! better than online picture services?

    ShowOff! does everything that online picture services such as Ofoto and Yahoo! Photos do.
    Share your pictures and movies on a secure website.
    Access your website with any internet browser. Your friends don't need any extra software!

    The number of pictures or movies you can share is limited only by the size of your hard drive.

    No need to send your pictures anywhere! Simply copy them from your camera to your hard drive, and they're online instantly.

    No advertising! Not here, not anywhere.

    What else can ShowOff! do?

    Generate thumbnails, a file listing, and even a slideshow!

    Keep track of your most popular files and directories.

    Protect directories from the public. Create user accounts for your family and friends.

    Display a live webcam feed.

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