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Thread: Some Files I Can't Download. Is This New?

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    I have just reopened my Kazaa Lite v 2.1 and noticed that after doing a normal searc, some files now come up with a RED "x" on top of the kazaa logo for that file. After trying to download many of these mentioned files, none of them even started to download. All failed ever since the beginning.. Is this new? How come now there are these "marked"files showing that we cannot download.
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    Welcome to the forum

    kazaa thinks youre firewalled, and will show the red X when the search results is also firewalled. just keep hitting search more til it finds some with that file that arent firewalled.
    in the kazaa settings you can set it to not display search results that cant be downloaded due to firewalled users.
    if you aren't firewalled kazaa will figure it out after a time and you wont see the red X's anymore, it has happened to me as well, and my ports were open

    if you are firewalled you should open the listning ports for UDP and TCP incomming traffic, or if youre behind a router you should forward said ports.

    but im sure this is all in the FAQ shown above <---- right click>save as

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    1) Forward your port
    2) Get KaNAT
    3) Share like crazy&#33;&#33;&#33;

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