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Thread: Newbie Needs Help, I'm Clueless

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    I've been out of the whole P2P world for a long time.

    I had used Kazaa Lite about a year and a half ago. In fact I still have it on my system. If I click on help and goto "About Kazaa Lite", it says it is Build 1 of version 2.0.2. It was built on Thursday November 28th (which apparently means 2002).

    There must be a newer version around. I went to, but it looks rather suspicious to me. I don't remember having to register to download my current version.

    I read a couple articles (from Dec 8th 2003) saying that Kazaa was going after Kazaa Lite and that it is no longer available.

    Another article I read said Kazaa Lite was becoming obsolete, or wouldn't support the newer and better P2P networks.

    I then read another article (which linked me to this forum) talking about Kazaa Lite teaming up with K++ to become "Kazaa Lite K++".

    Is this what I should be using?

    I feel like I'm solving a puzzle or something. It seems none of the information I've read is current, and I have no idea what P2P software is out there, let alone the best.

    Hopefully someone out there can help me.

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    just look into another p2p
    you seem pretty smart, look into irc/bittorrent/newsgroups for your download's

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    Kazaa is all but dead. Anyone with a clue has moved on to other p2p programs.

    Bit Torrent is the best out there right now.... at least in my humble opinion.

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    K-Lite lives on !!

    You can go to if you want version 2.4.3 (the last main version of K-Lite) or you can go to if you want to try version 2.6 of K-Lite (although at the moment it's still in beta stage, but I think it's good).


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