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Thread: Nothing But Wind!

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    Nothing But Wind!

    This one beats all,

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    Originally posted by dumdum@28 April 2004 - 03:17
    nothing but wind

    I was going to make a Link like that.Good one.

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    well well well what's makes that so funny ,i guess did u even hear that? it's a themic music composed by gr8 IR

    1. Birds Chirpping & melodious and energetic flute piece indicating the birth of a child
    2. Some mischevious music, comical type indicating its younger days.
    3. A Steady Violin and Flute Piece, bringing out Youth Stage.
    4. goes on and on, and a twist, with some comic type - indicating his old age...
    5. All of a sudden, the music stops and plays the same beginning tune, but as a tragedy note, indicating the Death.
    6. A train journey sound - Life is a journey with stages...
    7. A Plane sound - Life is Fast, just one take off and landing...
    8. Some graveyard feeling sound, with mantrams on the back ground.
    9. Then Heavenly type of Sounds...
    10. A typical North Indian function type of music..
    11. Ends up with the notes of the beginning, indicating 'REBIRTH'.
    btw this is performed on stage in uk in 1989

    Some for filmy songs by this Evergreen composer

    you guys got to hear his songs from 1980s 1990s,do u belive this he has composed more than 3500 songs and a guinness record holder as well .hollywood mised him


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