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Thread: 2 Sources Per File %$!@#%

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    I have what probably amounts to being a stupid problem. Using an Athlon 2600, Win XP, 1GB Ram. Using KLite Tools 2.5.0 freshly installed. I cannot get any files to download from more than 2 sources per file.

    I have max sources per file set to 20 currently. Plenty of bandwidth avail (good cable connection). I am using a Netgear FVS 318 Firewall as well. I have KaNat running and it is having no problems.

    When I run a search, I get tons of sources on the search screen. However, when I start downloading files, it will not actively download from more than 2 sources at a time. This is the same on both of my computers.


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    1) Just becuase you see alot of sources in the search screen doesn't mean that you can download from all of them

    2) Did forward your port?

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    U kno u should set max source files to 50(which is the max) and try that.and keep pressing "find more sources".try that

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    I do have port forwarding set up. Things are moving faster now that I worked that out. However, I am still unable to get more than 2 sources per WHILE DOWNLOADING. As I mentioned before, search results show a ton a files, but I can only download from 2 at a time max.

    I understand that I will be unable to download from every single source that I find. But, if search finds 90 sources for a given file, I should be able to download from more than 2 sources. I have tried this on two computers and with many, many different types of files. The results are the same every time. No matter how many sources Kazaa finds, I can only download from 2 at a time max.

    This in itself leads me to believe that I have set something up wrong or am missing something. The only other thing common to both computers is the Neatgear FVS318 8 port router. As I mentioned, I have completed setting it up for port forwarding for both local IPs. Each copy of Kazaa Lite is using a different port number (of course). Other than my inablility to download from more than 2 sources at a given time for a given file, there seems to be no other problems.

    If anyone has any insight whatsoever, or can think of anything I may have overlooked with the setup of either the router or Kazaa Lite, please let me know. The program is still functional, but the issue is annoying the crap outa me.


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    Tried setting max sources to 50 on one computer by the way. No change.

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    frist remeber the underline:

    your download speed depends on the # of sources for it and their upload speed, anddon&#39;t be fooled by whatyou see in the search window they are not an indication of who is available for connection so change supernodes to see if you get lucky, also use localized supernodes, also try changing ports, and lower your upload bandwidth,remove the no ip sources from your dat files and see if it helps , and if you have a router you need to get kanat

    its your sources or a bad supernode

    do this:

    please do a test,search for van halen?s ?right now? and wait untill you get 30 or more sources and then pick for download and tell me what you get make sure your traffic is paused or clean

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    Hmm. I paused all downloads and for the first few I restarted I was getting more than 2 sources per file. I dont understand what the problem is. I am NOWHERE near hitting my bandwidth limit.

    I will play with things more later and let you know what i find.

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    please read my post again, your bandwidth in a way has nothing to do with how fast you can download with klite.

    it depends on the #of sources and their upload bandwidth.

    you also need to try and download 1 or 2 files at a time for best speed results.

    also make sure your upload bandwidth is set to something you can handle and not maxed out

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    I guess I wasn&#39;t communicating very well.

    What I was trying to get across is that my neither my upload bandwidth or my download bandwidth are even in the vicinity of their capacity. I turned my upload bandwidth down to the lowest settings for the moment. I am only allowing 3 uploads at a time and they are uploading at 1k each (3k total upload).

    I completely understand that my download bandwidth is also not the issue. I understand (of course) that I am limited to what each source is capable of (set to) as far as their upload speed.

    However, I STILL have not figured out why I can only connect to 2 sources per file. If I turn off all downloads except 1 or possibly 2 I can very, very occaisionally get more than 2 sources connected.

    Also, I DO understand that if I get maybe 5 sources or something like that during a search, there is only a tiny chance I could even connect to maybe 3 right then. However, when I run a search for something with hundreds of sources.. say, Van Halen, and attempt to download a file with something like 100 listed sources and over 1000k bandwidth available (albeit only THEORETICALLY available I understand)... I Should be able to connect to something other than only 2 sources.

    That is all I am getting max. I tried Van Halen, Nine Inch Nails, and several other &#39;surefire&#39; searches which all produced tons and tons of results. I tried downloading some of the most popular files. Same results. I always get a max of 2 sources per file. Most of the times I tried I only got one source. Granted, I usually was downloading these particular files at a decent download speed; but speed is not my question. I am just trying to figure out why I cannot download from more than 2 sources.

    I hope I explained the situation a little better. I definitely appreciate your advice if anyone has anything else I can check.


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    the two sources per file problem is only one of the three things

    1 those are the only connectable sources

    2 you got a crappy list of suprenodes (change it and try changing your port also)

    3 your isp is capping or blocking.

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