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Thread: I'm Confused!?

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    O.K. I'm new to this bittorrent thing and I've gotten stuck. I followed the guide to using bittorrent downloaded the bt program, got the make a torrent program, selected a tracker, made some torrents, but when I try to dl (when bt does actualy connect) the files are taking 200+ hours to dl. I don't know if there is anything I haven't done or what. This sounds pathetic but, please help me.

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    firstly, is this a tip or a trick?

    and nextly, i dont know why you use make torrent - that is only for when u seed files.
    • Install BT client
    • Go to
    • Find something good to watch (one with a lot of "seeds" - people who have finished the download and are just uploading)
    • Click on the filename, and it should open in the client which you are using. if not, and
    • you get funny looking text, go back to the page which had the link, right click, save as, and save it to your desktop. then go to the desktop and double click.
      the file should download.

    If you have a router, then youll need to forward ports to allow the others to "see you"
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