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Thread: Yes!

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    NikkiD's Avatar Yen?
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    Damn right

    The boys played well tonight. They played the way I keep saying that they are capable of playing. Hell, they played better tonight than they have the entire playoffs so far.

    Now, do they have the momentum to keep it up?

    I know they do, but will they??????

    I bloody hope so.

    Good job boys.

    Just an aside - I've been saying from the start (I don't know if I've said it here, but I know I've harped on my boyfriend) that Belak should be playing this series. Tonight is the perfect example of why. Now Quinn just needs to listen to me and pull Antropov and put in Stajan for some speed. I'm gonna keep sending him telepathic messages. Hopefully he gets them.

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    YUP!! What a game. Hopefully they still got the energy for friday.

    I'm gonna keep sending him telepathic messages. Hopefully he gets them.
    HAHAHA.....Hope it works

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    - danyj</span></span></span>

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    leafs what a name for a hockey team don&#39;t mess with us or we will shrivel up and die


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