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Thread: My Windows Media Player Is Messed Up Bad! Help!

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    i love my Windows Media Player...but it hasnt worked in quite some time now. im just now really starting to try and fix it. I need HELP though! all that happens when I click on it is a small window comes up and says "An internal application error has occurred".........THATS IT! I've even tried deleting it, but the same thing happened!

    please help...

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    What Version is it ?

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    it isnt that good a player m8.

    you'd be better off usin'

    media player classic


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    im pretty sure its version 9

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    That version can play some files okay. I would say oit's better than 8, but it stilllllll SUCKS. That exploitable, spying piece of trash should be rid of.

    The Mega Codec Pack.... It's self-explanitory.

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    Or just download media player 10 (beta0, which might be more buggy, but use Winamp it&#39;s not bad.
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    Originally posted by supersonic@29 April 2004 - 19:44
    Winamp it&#39;s not bad.
    it is man,

    if you want quality sound use foobar....other wise for a good lookin player..try QSD


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