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Thread: Bush Is A Damn Warrior!

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    I was sickened and dismayed at the tough questions put forth to President Bush at the press conference last night!  Our President found himself forced into a proverbial rape room of probing questions with the liberal media who then took advantage and pounded this President from behind without so much as even a kiss!  These liberal commie reporters from CNN, NBC, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, the Washington Post, the Associated Press, the United Press Syndicate, and all other media outlets except FOX NEWS were trying their best to make our President look like a  rambling, uninformed dumbass.  They were doing a damn good job! 

    One of the commie liberals had the audacity to tell our President that he was dead wrong about his earlier statements regarding how the Iraqis would welcome us with roses as liberators, when the reality is that they are fighting us tooth and nail and killing our soldiers everyday.  Why won't these liberals tell the good news!  Why do these liberal reporters use the very words of President Bush against him on national TV?  This is treason to use a President's own falsehoods against him!  Don't they know this President does not have time for silly facts? "Woe unto those that remembers every little word that President Bush has said!  Woe unto them that would rather hear the truth than hear what is right for this country!  Whores!  Harlots!  Commie Bastards!  Truth Sluts!" I yell from the top of the highest peak!

    "They're not happy they're occupied. I wouldn't be happy if I were occupied either," Bush admitted. 

    Are these not words of wisdom?  Another commie liberal had the audacity to ask President Bush about the mounting casualties, and the American people's tolerance for seeing this increasing death toll.

    "Nobody likes to see dead people on their television screens," the president said. "I don't.  It's a tough time for the American people to see that."

    Indeed President Bush!  That is the very reason that President Bush took measures to protect the American people from seeing these mounting casualties by banning any media coverage of the ceremony of flag draped military coffins being unloaded onto United States soil from a foreign land.  He's trying to protect the American people by protecting his re-election bid!  Do we want to be like Spain and elect someone else to be our leader? Do we turn our backs on President Bush just because a few little things haven't gone our way?

    Still another commie liberal had the gall to ask our President who we are handing Iraq over to on June 30th!  I almost shit myself!  This was a low down sneaky tactic, to ask our President a legitimate question about policy in a war we have been involved in for over a year now!  This damn press conference was getting out of control!  President Bush responded:

    "We'll find that out soon. That's what Mr. Brahimi is doing. He's figuring out the nature of the entity we'll be handing sovereignty over."

    So there's your damn answer!  It will be a surprise!  President Bush is honest enough to say his administration is dumbfounded and doesn't know!  Yes, he's been bragging about bringing Democracy and freedom to these people who have been fighting religious wars for over 1000 years, but he hasn't had time to make any plans on how to go about it!  We've only been at war with Iraq for over a year, and President Bush has been on many vacations since then.  He hasn't had time to figure out all this policy bullshit! What kind of a damn idiot does the liberal media think President Bush is? He knows that we have to hand the keys to somebody dammit!  Somebody is going to get a real deal in a used country of Iraq. It is a damn good deal.  Iraq is used, with a few miles on it, but damn what a freakin' deal to some lucky bastard! "Grenada will be ruled by Grenadians!" Said President Reagan. So too will Iraq be ruled by Iraqis whether they be Shi'ite, Sunnis, Kurdies, or any other towel tottin' sand gook! 

    Finally President Bush was asked why he and Vice President Cheney will be testifying together at the 9/11 commission.  These reporters wanted in insinuate that our folksy down home President Bush is not smart enough to testify on his own! 

    "Because it's a good chance for both of us to answer questions that the 9/11 commission is looking forward to asking us, and I'm looking forward to answering them."

    Hell fire now there is a good answer to a dumb question!  President Bush was also asked about Saddam and those damned WMD's that we can't seem to find:

    "Saddam Hussein was a threat. He was a threat because he had used weapons of mass destruction on his own people......This is a guy who's a torturer, a killer, a maimer. There's mass graves. I mean he was a horrible individual that really shocked the country in many ways,"

    Damn Right!  Saddam had used weapons of Mass Destruction that were given to him by previous Republican Administrations!  President Reagan and Bush the first, had given Saddam weapons.  Then a few years later, they switched sides and supported the shiites and encouraged them to rise up and fight, but did not support them! 

    Last night during his speech, President Bush stood by his own convictions as he made the case to the Press for the right to fight!  He stood there tall and proud. He stood not worrying about facts, figures, or "right" or "wrong," and he stood strong on his own convictions! He stands there, a warrior crying out to all, "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!" He stands like the lonely lighthouse keeper without a light, he stands waving his arms at the ships he can not see; for he knows that one day his ship just might come in!
    Republican Press

    An It Harm None, Do What You Will

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    would be more suited for talk club, where all the geppers dont hang out.

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    Originally posted by Spider_dude@1 May 2004 - 18:47
    would be more suited for talk club, where all the geppers dont hang out.

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    i like a bush well trimmed.


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    that's funny...mind you
    "Saddam Hussein was a threat. He was a threat because he had used weapons of mass destruction on his own people......This is a guy who's a torturer, a killer, a maimer. There's mass graves. I mean he was a horrible individual that really shocked the country in many ways,"
    so he used the WMD on his own people....and that made him a threat to us? he wasn't shooting our way

    itís an election with no Democrats, in one of the whitest states in the union, where rich candidates pay $35 for your votes. Or, as Republicans call it, their vision for the future.


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