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Thread: Cam To Pc

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    what the easiest way to connect my cam corder to my computer?

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    Originally posted by shoutman@2 May 2004 - 01:35
    what the easiest way to connect my cam corder to my computer?
    this should be in hardware world

    -first,your using a digital camera right?
    -second look at the plug is it usb or what? and just plug it into the coresponding hole

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    Yeah, it should have a USB or firewire cord or something similar. If you're using a relatively new operating system like XP, it should detect it and take care of the hard work. If you want a simple video editing and encoding program (for free), check out VirtualDub.

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    if it&#39;s analog camera (vhs, vhs-c, hi8, 8mm) ull need a capture card and tv tuner shit

    if it&#39;s digital (digital8, or minidv) hook upt he firewire, run an editing program and capture


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