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Thread: I Want To Copy Dvd's But What I Have Don't Work

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    Hi Folks:

    I just bought a dvd burner and want to make some personal copies of my DVD's, and yeah, friends DVD's too - for me - honest. Does anyone know of some software that will get around the protection racket on the disks? I found out the hard way that the stuff that came with the burner doesn't do it. Thanks.

    Uncle Griff
    Nils Illigetimae Carborundum

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    yes, the main one you need is DVD Shrink 3.1 (free prog)

    you also need DVD Decrypter for when DVD Shrink can't get round the protection. (also free)

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    download links for DVD Shrink

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    if you also install nero 6 , dvd shrink uses the nero engine , and you can rip and burn all in one easy way, you dont even have to open nero as shrink does it all for you once nero is installed


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