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Thread: True Crimes On Pc ?

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    Formula1's Avatar Poster
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    Sep 2003
    From what i've seen true crimes has been realeased on pc, is this game worth downloading and playing it ? is it worth it ?

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    Bowen747x's Avatar Poster
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    Mar 2003
    New York
    iu would say its definitly worth downloading, but i wouldnt go further then that

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    asmithz's Avatar Hi-Definition
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    Jun 2003
    Yeah its a good game, nothing to brag about tho. The game is much like Bad Boys 2, but dosent suck. Havent played it on the PC yet but it should be better.

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    according to gamers hell' the official release date is may 11. someone may have a pre-release they stole but i would'nt try to dl it until after it is released as most likely it would be a fake. P.S. as it is a game i also would'nt dl it from kazaa either. games are better of gotten from mIRC, or bittorrent or something but not here. although the verifieds are usually good they are the only 1s i would try.dont just do a search and grab it that way cause it will sure enough be fake.

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    The PC version is supposed to be bug-free.Unlike the console ones which were pretty buggy, but not actually that bad.

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