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Thread: What Program Would You Reccomend

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    the title explains it all B)

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    paint shop pro aint half bad

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    I use Photoshop (I prefer 7.0 over CS) and ULead Gif Animator
    Both of which can be downloaded via P2P of course.

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    Macromedia Fireworks.. works for me&#33;

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    Photoshop and ImageReady make a good pair.

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    I use a combination of programs already posted.

    Photoshop to edit the individual images.
    Paint Shop Pro&#39;s Animation Shop to do the main animation work.
    Ulead Gif Animator to tidy things up and optimise for the web.

    I know its overkill... but each program has its strengths, and I&#39;ve gotten used to those 3 apps.

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    My cheapo animated gif creation setup:

    Since I usually make gifs out of existing movie clips I cut segments out of movies with virtual dub, then I extract the frames using Irfanview, and use UnFreez to create a gif.


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