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Thread: Rejected By Tracker!

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    why do I keep getting this on supernova. I also says to go to their site so I register but I still get this error. Could it be cause I just switched clients from Shadows5.8.11 to Bitornado 2.0?

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    yo! what does this mean?

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    It basically mean the torrent that was listed was "hijacked" from a private BT community and you must sign in to the tracker in order to use it. Find that website and register in that community and you will be able to download your stuff.

    Also, try to find another place besides Suprnova to get your stuff, it may be the granddaddy of them all, but they are also the slowest and dangerous place to be, It took me 6 days straight to download 5gig tv show series on a 3meg connection.

    Other places you may want to try is Torrentbits, Hawkies, Digital Update, or go to the pinned thread in this section. There is a crap load of sites.
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    you&#39;ll have to go to the site the torrent is from, rarely will it be on a nova tracker, and register with the site. you may also have to download a torrent file from the site it&#39;s self before the tracker will work for you.


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