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Thread: What's The Best To Download Movies?

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    What's the best P2P program to download movies off of? Like, overall?

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    god dammit, how many ppl post these questions?

    try looking around, experimenting, i use bt, some use irc, most use klite, and also some use NG, it all depends on how much effort you want to put in, on NG you have to dl the rars one at a time (i think thats tright, correct me if im wrong)
    irc is good for new stuff, as is NG, BT you can download old movies and new, and on klite you can download shit tmd and smr, also more sources needed is very popular

    oh and dc++ is good, but if the person uling goes offline, your pretty much screwed

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    BitTorrent is the best i think i get most of my stuff there

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    Originally posted by gungrave@6 May 2004 - 20:02
    BitTorrent is the best i think
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    dc++ is good not only for movies but for other stuffs 2
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