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Thread: What Software Do Dj's Use

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    Oct 2003
    Hey i was just wondering what software they use at clubs/pubs

    Are there any Dj's out there? Iv tried PCDJ FX. Its really good. but i dont think they use that....

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    Jan 2003
    generally djs at pubs and clubs use hardware not software.

    decks, mixer, amp and speakers are a must. cd mixers optional and sometimes i have seen drum machines that can produce loops used to good effect but that is about it.

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    Oct 2003
    oh ok... well those are for the good dj's...

    im talking about the cabbage dj's that use software to mix.... and stuff..

    where can i download real good Remix's for clubs...(i think theyre called X remix's or sumthing..)

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    Well, I don't know specifically what DJs like to use to mix, but here are a couple of nice audio tools:
    Audacity which is free and supports plug-ins. I haven't used it much, but you can do some nice stuff with it.
    Adobe Audition is very expensive, but Adobe creates some seriously professional software.

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    Originally posted by Dray_04@7 May 2004 - 03:55
    where can i download real good Remix&#39;s for clubs...(i think theyre called X remix&#39;s or sumthing..)
    alt.binaries.mps.remixes and
    They&#39;re newsgroups but they&#39;re the best place to get Mastermix, DMC, X-Mix and Funkymix stuff.
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    well as said before most djs use turntables but final scratch could be the future , it still uses 2 turntables but also a laptop with mp3s check it out here :

    also very popular is traktor dj studio, i think that could be what your after m8
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