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Thread: Hello I'm A Newbie

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    Hey everyone, it's a pleasure to well um post with ya As you can tell I am new here heh. Been on kazaa for a week and got the virus win32 Surnova worm today and spent half of my day trying to fix my comp when it came down in the end had to redo my system. Now I am useing a anti virus program and have already blocked 4 of the same virus. That make's me feel real safe . Is there any other virus's I might need to be aware of. so I can do more of So is the virus's really that bad in kazaa?

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    Keep Your AV program up to date with the latest virus definitions and You'll be safe


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    Welcome my friend. How r u?
    The most addicktive music in the world is...William hung's!! Nah jk he can just suck my hotdog.

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    hello .undying desire
    I hope you have a good firewall ,you need one on p2p networks.

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    Welcome, enjoy your stay.

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    on something.
    Don't be wong now y'hear.

    Have fun while behaving yerself, if possible.

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    It's a pleasure to meet you all. As for as me being good well it depand's on how much I have had to drink muhahaha. I don't know how good my fire wall is I use BullDog and it seem's to be doing a good job at protecting virus's, but as for as the fire wall I couldn't tell ya how good mine is. I do know one darn thing is that Surnova D was the first virus I have ever gotten and I sure want it to be the last, I spent half my day trying to get rid of it and end the end I had to redo my system, well I was sorta forced my mouse actually stopped working the system couldn't reconize it and then my system went nut's window's came up all funny looking like it was in safe mood but it wasn't. Ahh well this time I am makeing sure I am at least protected from that heh.


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