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Thread: Warning To Fellow Canadians!

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    The courts have declared file sharing legal!!!

    But our fight is not yet over...

    If you don't want P2P to be outlawed in Canada, you must vote for whomever has the best chance of winning in your riding between NDP and Bloc Québécois (preferrably NDP...I'm not a separatist, but like Tommy Douglas, I hold my civil liberties to be more important than my country.).

    Of special note is the Quebec City riding of Louis-Hébert, held by the evil Liberal Hélène Scherrer, who accomplished the impossible feat of being an even shitter Heritage Minister than Sheila Copps (I'd tear my NDP membership card in two if that bitch were running for us.). This riding will likely go Bloc next election, as it usually does, and anybody here must vote Bloc to save Canada from the evil Scherrer. (And if you'd rather kill yourself than vote for a separatist party, than at least vote for somebody other than the fucking Liberals. Even the goddamn CPC, although they will just be a more pro-USA version of the Liberals.)

    Why must we defeat Scherrer?

    Here's why!

    This Nazi and her Gestapo buddies want to spy on us and throw us in jail if we have file sharing programs installed on her computers. I pray she suffers a "tragic" accident. P.S. She's also a homophobe, a Bush worshipper, an opponent of worker safety, and does not belief that corporations should be forced to label genetically modified foods. Fuck she's a bitch. I'd rather a Mulroney-era Tory than a Martin Liberal. And I fucking hate Mulroney too.

    Jack Layton and Gilles Duceppe are the only people who have two fucking clues what's going on.

    (And no, Gilles Duceppe is by no means a bigot even though he's a French Canadian Nationalist. He spent years fighting for the rights of immigrant workers. It really surprised me to learn that: I thought all separatists where narrow-minded pieces of shit like Parizeau, Beaudoin, Tremblay, and Landry. But I now know there's cool ones like Duceppe, Turp, and the gay guy who represents Montreal's poor district. Hell Pierre Ducasse is a soft separatist, and he's the hottest shit to ever come out of La Belle Province since the great Jean Lesage Himself (may God forever bless the one Liberal who knew his shit.)


    If Hitlery Rosen or Scary Cary Sherman ever walk onto Canadian soil, I will make sure they spend their lives rotting away in a jail cell.

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    ya that biatch will rot in jail

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    i love being a canadian. i'm gonna move back asap.

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    Canadians pwn man! (i'm canadian) B) B) B)

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    For anybody needing more help, here's my ranking of the parties:

    1. NDP
    2. Green
    3. Bloc (Would be #2 if they weren't sovereigntist.)
    9997. CONservative
    9998. LIEberal
    9999. Christian Heritage

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    I hope that this time the ndp will have a candidate that has a chance to beat the one for the liberals. My riding has been owned by the liberals since the late 80's. It would be nice to finally unseat her.
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    Originally posted by abu_has_the_power@9 May 2004 - 16:32
    i love being a canadian. i&#39;m gonna move back asap.
    yup canada rules


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