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Thread: Gone?

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    Does anyone know what happen to the site when i go there i get this message: Goodbye from all of the staff at ps2newz. Many special thanks to all of those who supported us in the past.

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    Looks like there gone.
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    What was it?

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    It had alot of info on modding your ps2. It use to have the HDTool that allowed you to use your own hdd for your ps2 so your didnt have to buy a $ony one. But they took that off.
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    That sucks that was one of the best ps2 theres only
    singa do you have any clue why there gone or anyone have info on this?

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    Nope... youre the only other person I know from these forums to use theres.

    But from the message it looks like $ony might have gotten mad at them and pressured them to shutdown
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    That's a shame

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    I post over there and what they said was that they were going to change sites. Something about a bandwidth problem with their current isp. They also talked about how much they hate

    I usually hang out at They usually keep with the current news w/ ps1 and ps2.
    I miss the days of random nut '03
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