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Thread: Microsoft Allows Pirates To Install

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    cool, now lets hope they allow us 2 install the whole XP in future
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    yeah, you have to sign up, but its worth it

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    they got some good suggestions why they wanna do this..

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    they want to do this because unpatched illegal copies are given them a bloody nose when it comes to PR.

    worms like sasser prey on people who cant or dont upgrade. of course you do need a legal xp key to install sp1.

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    I think its more likely because they brought about things like MSBlast on themselves...

    There were a lot of PCs that wouldnt have hit at Microsoft, if they'd been allowed to update... they shot themselves in the foot, and have realised it.

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    what are the chances that in sp2 somewhere it identifies the illegal copy and calls home

    i hope not!
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    Oh, there will be a tool to prevent that.
    XP-Anti-spy perhaps?

    But allowing to update will solve more problems than it causes, for sure.

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    i cant believe tat i actually believed that was gonna happen&#33; (reminds self not to trust M&#036; bitches) read this


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