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Thread: Free Online 3-d Games Wanted!

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    I am looking to start playing Free Online games that are 3-D and you can progress throught different towns, get weapons and armor, money and kill beasts players exc... Any Ideas?

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    theyre called MMORPGs (massively multiplayer online role playing games)

    you might find soome on googgle but im not sure if there are any free ones that work/aare good
    A good game is still good if its late, a bad game is bad forever, Shigeru Miyamoto

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    Ragnarok Online is good. It's sprite based but still fun. Just make sure to use custom servers; I suggest (a friends server with many users)

    There's Runscape but IMO that thing is a piece of crap.

    Pristontale is pretty okay, too. It's 3d.

    Have a look at It has a list of all known MMORPGs.

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    lol. dude sure wants a lot out of a free game.


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