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Thread: Help!

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    The message says "THIS SHUTDOWN WAS INITIATED BY NT. AUTHORITY/SYSTEM. THE REMOTE PROCEDURE CALL (RPC) SERVICE TERMINATED UNEXPECTENTLY." What the hell is that anyone?? Is it a crack I need for my Windows xp pro. ?? I reformated my sysytem and put this windows in a little while ago. Thanks for any help in advance! :beerchug:

    By the way this is not my first post just had my last windows remember my password and username and when refomated I forgot the pass so made new name and pass.

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    Its a virus/worm.

    There are several options to avoid the system shutdown:

    Go to Start->Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Services->Remote Procedure Call (RPC)->Recovery Tab and choosing "Take No Action" for all three choices.

    Go to Start->Run, type in shutdown/a, and press Enter.

    Change the system time back by several hours.

    Disconnect from the Internet

    Another removal option for more advanced users is:

    1. Delete msblast.exe (usually found at c:\windows\system32\msblast.exe).
    2. Delete the Windows Registry key: "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\windows auto update" containing "msblast.exe". This is what causes the virus to start on reboot. To edit the Registry, go to Start->Run and put in "regedit".

    Here is a removal tool
    Need a cheap/easy way of modding your xbox? Check this out.

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    Always link it to the original removal page for instructions as well Tells the validity!

    Btw, to cancel shutdown when you get that message go to Start > Run
    Type "shutdown -a" without quotes. It will abort the shutdown & then you can proceed with further instructions on the link provided above.

    Edit: Btw no one mentioned the name, its our very favorite blaster worm
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    you know 6 months for now will will have another stupid worm that dumb ass&#39;s will be posting about, sad really but I&#39;m not sure with is worst, the idiot that will write the next worm are the idiot who gets its

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    first: you are on the admin account right?
    1. before you start up the computer, disconnect any internet-bound lines.
    2. enter the control panel
    3. enter the "administrative tools" folder
    4. there should be an icon that says "services." click it
    5. you will see a LONG list to the right of the window. scroll down until you find the "Remote Procedure Call" double click it
    6. after double clicking it, a bindow will pop up. there should be a "recovery" tab. click it.
    7. there are three drop-down boxes. all should say "restart the computer." switch those to "restart the service"
    8. hit OK

    this doesnt get rid of the virus, but it makes you temporarily immune to its ill effects.

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    Damn Iwas wondering if that was a freaking worm&#33;&#33; Thanks for the help guys&#33;&#33; and the one jerk that felt it was worth his time to write about how I&#39;m a dumbass for asking what is going on with this problem, I have a masters in Structal Building Design and make &#036;100,000 a year, if you want to see who the real dumbass is then just take a look in the mirror buddy because you just made yourself look like one with that waste of time comment&#33;&#33; Anyways thanks again to the guy&#39;s that helped, I will go and get it fixxed up now. :beerchug:

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    Well guys I tried all that was said and ran the remover tool and that file/worm does not exsist, all the tabs were at "take no action" there is no file named msblast.exe in windows or in my computer for that fact, i did a search for it with no avail. The remover said there is no file to be removed. Damn is there a chance it&#39;s a diffrent worm?? Any help would be awsome, and thanks for at least trying guy&#39;s. I&#39;ve had it shutdown on me three times this morning already and it is super annoying, about as annoying as people like MUCHSPL2 with his know it all about everything in life attitude. Anyway thanks again guy&#39;s in advance&#33;&#33; :beerchug:

    BTW ATIVIDIA I did what you said and moved those to "Restart the service" so hopefully it stops the shutdowns till i can get rid of the problem, Thank You.

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    perhaps it&#39;s a varient of the blaster worm or even a totally different worm.

    do a full virus scan with your AV soft (making sure it&#39;s fully updated) perhaps that will cure/diagnose the problem.

    btw I wouldnt worry about what muchspl2 said; I&#39;m not sure if he made himself look more stupid with the waste of time comment or the assertion that virus writers are "idiots" -- regular fucktards those virii compilers, right up there with those dumb nuclear physicists and retarded rocket scientists

    I plan on beating him to death with his kids. I'll use them as a bludgeon on his face. -

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    lol ur welcome

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    your still an idiot no matter how much money you make
    money &#33;= smarts and i highly doubt your "internet boast" because most "smart people" would have a firewall are at the very least updated your windows, but its all gravy and next time i order no tomatoes, don&#39;t put any on my hamburger

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