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Thread: Dawn Of The Dead

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    if anyone has a good copy of dawn of the dead (2004) i would be very happy to take it off your hands thanx :helpsmile:

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    asmithz's Avatar Hi-Definition
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    Jun 2003
    Irc, but there isnt a very good quality.

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    i was afraid of that

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    TELESYNC Dawn Of The Dead *PROPER* *SVCD* loGisTic

    thats the best version i believe

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    but I beleive that the TELESYNC Dawn Of The Dead *PROPER* *SVCD* loGisTic is missing the "Camcorder" real ending. I dl'd 2 versions one was complete crap and the other, I think was this one, and it was missing the end.


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    theres a 2 disc screener rip out now (check

    its a vhs screener rip - but the quality is excellent, and much better than the shit copies that are around at the moment

    check irc and bt for it - i havent seen it on k-lite yet (not that youd get any sources anyway..............)

    hope that helps
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    Just rent the bloody thing, and copy it&#33; &#036;3.99@Blockbuster & Hollywood Video

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    I wasnt aware that Dawn of the dead 2004 was out for rental yet

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    its not&#33; this guy must be thinkin of the original

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    thanx for the help


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