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Thread: Educate Me On How To Work These Games!

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    Hello, I'm currently downloading the Call of Duty and Battlefield 1942 hashes. I'm not sure about what to do to get these games running. Typically hashes come in bin and iso files right? Well, what program do I have to get to get them to work, and then how should I go about it?

    My buddy said trying Daemon Tools, but I'm a bit cornfused on how to operate it.

    Also, a buddy said that I'm going to need "cue" files to get the games to work properly. Is this true?


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    1. Install Daemon Tools
    2. On the bottom of your screen there is little icon of Daemon Tools, click it.
    3. Click on "Device 0: [H:] No media" (H could also be another letter) and a window pops up.
    4. Select the disc image you want to load and click on open.

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    Awesome, thank you.

    So what about those "cue" files. Do I need them, too?

    Thanks again.

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    Here is an easy guide for cues. Scroll down to my post and choose one looks easiest.

    You can also use Alcohol 120% to mount the images. Very easy.. just get Alcohol, run it once. Then go to My Computer, righht-click the DVD drive it added. Then select mount image and click Browse.

    Check my sig for easy-to-use guides.
    Need a cheap/easy way of modding your xbox? Check this out.


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