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Thread: Fake Files

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    does anyone have any suggestions on spoting fake files befor i dl them?
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    preview with videolan

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    you can tell if it&#39;s a fake if someone is sharing the file twice and the speed is super fast

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    get mp3 sheild

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    but mp3shield is only for mp3s. There really is no way to protect youself from fakes. For movies, preview them after downloads some of it, for mp3s use mpshield. Other than that, you just gotta download them and try it out. The fattrack network is just full of fakes, there isnt anything you can really do.
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    Put kazaa on auto search for a dozen times. At the end of the search you only show interest in those with multiple sources. The more sources per file, the less of a fake it is. I have auto search set for 200 times.
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    Hi, once you&#39;ve searched for a song, and you find theres loads of that song found, you will see that most of them say exactly the same thing for name, artist, album, a couple won&#39;t download those. Or download those which say track 9 lets say-they come from an album so won&#39;t be fakes. hope that makes sense

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    hope that makes sense
    ehh not even slightly.

    the best way to lessen the number of fakes is to be more choosy about the p2p client you use. emule works well for me, as does BT. kazaa is certainly at the bottom of the pile. If your ISP lets you then newsgroups have substantially less fakes and will allow you to max your connection on each download.

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    What is mp3 shield and how it works against fake mp3 files? where can I get it? Sorry, newbe here

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