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Thread: Video Files Won't Play

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    I just downloaded version 2.4.3 and none of the video files I download will play. I also downloaded the standard codec files, but the videos still will not play. The audio files do play, but not video. Any suggestions on what I might do to play the videos?

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    I have that problem with more than just a few. I have found that viewing them in dedicated viewers like Realplayer or quicktime helps. One of the best programs to check wether you have the correct codecs is bundled in with K Lite codec pack, namely Gspot Codec Information.
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    try video lan

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    try viewing all your videos in Video Lan, works great and it has all the codecs you will need already included in videolan

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    I downloaded the Video Lan program, but still, none of the videos that I download from KazaaLite will play on any player that I have. I can play other videos that I have downloaded from KCeasy, and other videos I have on my computer, but nothing that I download from KazaaLite will play. Audio files play fine, but no video files. Any other ideas?

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    Ok, I have downloaded the standard codecs, and the GSpot programs. Now, I can view some of the video files that I download,,but, the majority of them, I can't. I never know IF I can see them until I completely download them, and try. Any ideas on why some of the files can be viewed, but most of them can't?
    I'd really appreciate some help on this, if anyone may have a clue. Thanks!

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    After downloading a few megs try using AVI PREVIEW. If it spits the movie back at you then go shopping for another. It's one of the functions of AVI PREVIEW it is part of K-LITE CODEC PACK and is a handy tool. The times that my DVD/video downloads don't work suggest it's probably an organization or software warehouse at work. I noticed that dvd/video files that have the end cropped out is on the increase, the numbers involved suggest the same people are at work.

    Of the 12,400 downloads last year 2,000 had non eronious flaws.
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