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Thread: Sharereactor Is Back !

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    ShareReactor is dead, long live ShareReactor? 
    Simon Moon (12.05.2004 15:33)
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    On the 10th March 2004 authorities ordered the shutdown of ShareReactor under the suspicion of infringement of what translates best to trademark laws and copyright laws. Now, two months later, we are not one step further. My lawyer till today didnt even get allowance to see any details, other than i was told, which is about nearly as much as you know by now. This is something thats not acceptable, in a country (switzerland) that claims to be democratic and modern. It seems to me more like a banana republic. is started because of ShareReactor's case, but is not limited to it. Here i and the people that join along the ride, will tell you what happened to them. You hear what lots people dont want you to hear. You will read what corporations dont want you to read. And you will learn what you can do to help.

    This is a fight corporations already lost. Simply because its not a fight, its a choice of the ones that pay their bills, their customers, us. The point of this page is to drive that home to them. 

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    what a misleading topic title.

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    Originally posted by thisiswhoweare@17 May 2004 - 22:27
    what a misleading topic title.
    Yeah sharedholder you should know better


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